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Tango icon - iPod Touch

Cliparts by avalan 7 comments

can linux handle the iPhone already? - Dec 15 2007

Wallpaper Other by Metzgermeister 2 comments

I like it. is your screenshot of a mac or a modified linux theme?? - Dec 05 2007
mac ubu

Cliparts by websammy 4 comments

I doubt they would ever. They don't even make quicktime available for linux. Its annoying. I've never had a mac, but i've used them. Preeeeetty shnazy :) especially for graphics. I wouldn't care if they did or didn't give an option of OS. Do you care? - Dec 05 2007
Green Snake HD

Wallpaper Other by Kmurat 7 comments

i used this from a different site. i liked it a lot :D - Dec 04 2007
tux basic

GDM Themes by websammy 3 comments

Please give me your opinions about it.
Merci bo coo...

sam - Nov 29 2007
Human Vista GDM Theme

GDM Themes by cra2sh 7 comments know, you can tweak gdm's just by extracting and recompressing them. just change a few images :)
- Nov 26 2007