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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Apr 05 2006
This is a particularly strange entry. There's not actually any substance. It's not a "KDE improvement" it's just a suggestion, without any significant contribution. Bleh. - Apr 02 2006

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Feb 22 2008
Sorry, but your comment is plainly idiotic. If you're not willing to be part of the process of bug resolution than you have no business complaining about things not working. This "black hole" that you speak of has two open bugs in it -- out of the dozens that have been reported. - Jul 28 2005
Please note that I don't check this forum regularly for bug and problem reports. If you're having an issue with TagLib please report it via Otherwise it will mostly likely simply be ignored. - Jul 27 2005
Small is of course relative. It's about half the size of amaroK. ;-) - Jul 28 2004
Oh, and by the way -- this is in CVS now and should come with TagLib 1.2. - May 03 2004
I posted the version number at the same time that I posted the update. It may have been a bug in the RDF output, but it was correct on the web page... - Apr 07 2004
Pretty close -- pasting from the ID3v2.4 standard (on

<Header for 'Attached picture', ID: "APIC">
Text encoding $xx
MIME type <text string> $00
Picture type $xx
Description <text string according to encoding> $00 (00)
Picture data <binary data>

I'm also planning on adding support for this frame directly in the next release. - Apr 07 2004
You mean the part up there at the top where it says "Version 1.1"? Or the tarball name -- "taglib-1.1.tar.gz"? ;-) - Apr 05 2004
Well, at the time that I started working on TagLib it was more or less intended as an id3lib rewrite. Someone else came along that was actually interested in continuing to maintain the current id3lib tree and he's now functioning as the maintainer. It's also worth noting that most of the id3lib users at this point are on Windows rather than Unix.

That said there's been very little improvement made in id3lib in the last several years. The API is ugly and inconcistant and the implementation is full of hacks. There have been bugfixes here and there, but the code really was at the point that major portions of it need to be rewritten for it to be maintainable.

But in maintaining id3lib I learned what it did write and what it did wrong and incorperated that into TagLib. I also got a pretty good feel for what users are looking for in such a library.

It's also worth noting that TagLib has a wider goal than id3lib -- it supports MP3s, Ogg Vorbis files and FLAC files (and in fact makes it so that the same code will work for all three formats).

As for the things still relying on id3lib -- well, based on the feedback that I've heard people would love to be able to not rely on id3lib and I expect that many of these tools will switch to TagLib. If not, well, this is a "behind the scenes" piece of the framework and can easily coexist with id3lib. - Jan 22 2004
There were two beta releases that corresponded to the KDE 3.2 betas. The second beta was packaged by SUSE and is available here: - Jan 22 2004
id3lib is poorly coded, poorly maintained and poorly documented. (I in fact was the id3lib maintainer when I started working on TagLib and decided that it wasn't worth trying to salvage.) TagLib's implementation of the relevant standards is both faster and cleaner and the API is more KDE / Qt friendly. - Jan 22 2004
Yeah, I couldn't decide whether to list it here or not, but (a) freshmeat was down and (b) had a lot of this type of stuff, so I decided to put it here too... - Jan 22 2004

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Mar 18 2005
Uhm, JuK is part of KDE 3.3.x -- there aren't independent releases... - Jan 15 2005
This likely isn't a JuK issue, but an aRts issue (i.e. I wouldn't expect Kaboodle or Noatun to work either). Please check to make sure that everything's correct in the sound configuration area in KControl. - May 12 2004
Honestly if you're seeing crashes this isn't the place to report them -- please file bugs at

That said there are people using JuK with stuff in the range of 90 GB without problems (though it is pretty memory hungry with that much music loaded).

As to stability -- there's only one crash report open at the moment and at least based on the feedback that I've gotten JuK has been pretty stable for most folks. It doesn't surprise me that you'd hit more issues with a very large collection, but that's precisely why you should be reporting them. ;-) - May 03 2004