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wincasy wincasy , China
Stormy Day

Metacity Themes by jeffd1830 1 comment

This is really fine ,the animation is better than StormCloud ,but one thing ,can you make the top left corner squared ? I really want the squared one ,thank you ! - Dec 20 2007

GTK2 Themes by Xyhthyx 2 comments

Actually ,I love rezlooks series very much,it's the first really beautiful theme that i have ever use,it is because rezlooks ,that cause me like gnome .

Murrine is also great ,and a little little better than rezlooks, keep on working ,waiting for your next masterpiece !

One thing i want to ask what is this metacity's name ?
- Nov 25 2007

GTK2 Themes by GrouchoMarx 7 comments

yeah ,you guy are very nice ,i searched the whole site ,but i couldn't find the Murrina engine ,where did you find it ? can the murrina theme be used without the engine ?

thank you ! - Nov 22 2007