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Walt Disney
Penguin Poseurs

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 2 comments

Thanks, glad you like it ;-)
I tell you though, It's time consuming work. Finding suitable images off the net is one thing, painstakingly extracting the image from a difficult background is another!
Not to mention approximating scale, colouring off each item. No fewer than 12 images were used to make this pic.
It just goes to show, with perseverence the GIMP s/ware can do a super job :-D - May 19 2006
Penguin Poseurs

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 2 comments

Nice. There really ARE Linux users and musicians out there! :-P

Y'know I even had to gold plate the Gibson SG too (chrome was ok though).
- May 19 2006

Wallpaper Other by bajtek 4 comments

In for a penny in for a pound!
Maybe you should have used Euro's or dollars. that would have got the downloads up. ;-)

Britski - Mar 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 7 comments

Phew.. and I thought I was going to have my very own cartoon row! lol
I have also done a Kanotix version (kanoverse) too :-)
Hubble pic link posted on the Kanotix forum got me started on this late night/early morning effort.

:-D - Mar 24 2006

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 7 comments

LMAO! You have GOT to be kiddin' right??
Offensive?? LOL!
What century are you from?? (not a recent one obviously!)

If you're joking, then you got me fair n sqaure :-)


You need a reality check my friend... - Mar 23 2006
Tux Army

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 3 comments

Thanks a lot! I'm glad some Linuxer's have a sense of humour :)
If you missed it, check this link below:-

It is the 1st in a 3 part series.

1) Capture
2) Liberation
3) celebration (not started yet!)

The idea is to slideshow them on desktop.

To be clear, Xbox Halo is a class game and Linux is a class OS. So the two worlds now collide :-D

- Feb 02 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by -V-O-Y-A-G-E-R- 2 comments

Watchout! the "Muzzies" are coming :-P

Quick, where's Richard? He has a Lions heart :-) - Nov 28 2005
A Light Shines

Wallpaper Other by DaBlade 5 comments

Well, I guess I could have done my own "star burst" background using gimp, but as ever it always good to see what available GPL goodness that one can put to further use ;-P)

Yes, I pinched it for a background blend to my Kanostar wallpaper (blue and brown).
kanotix is a kde distro so it has been used for good effect :)


Btw, I voted you up too! - Nov 26 2005
The Kanotix Fish

Wallpaper Other by pogo730 4 comments

At last! The Kanotix art movement is happening ;O)

It's good that more advertising of this uber Deb distro is now appearing on
I like the background texture, style and detail of the fish. Definately Kanotix!

My only small gripe is the 'GNU/Debian' logo. The font and colour could (imo) better compliment the main Kanotix logo. It would look a little nicer if placed centrally under the Kanotix logo.

All said, a very nice addition for Kanotix users .... - Jun 29 2005
The Debians wave (grey)

Wallpapers Debian by z3r0x 6 comments

I'm not a big fan of the 'brushed metal' look, but I've gotta say that's been done really nicely though :0)

BTW, have you considered using Kanotix? It's Debian on RedBull.. Go check ! - Jun 18 2005

Wallpaper Other by Brandybuck 8 comments

Come on, who are you foolin'. That my friends is a mustard twirl just like you get on a hamburger ;0) - Jun 18 2005
Kirsten Dunst desktop Enviroment

Wallpaper Other by nk913 2 comments

Nice pic. But your screen shot link is weird (only postage stamp size!).

I guess this must be known as the :

Kirsten Dunst Experiance ! aka KDE :oP - Jun 18 2005
Linux Rules

Wallpaper Other by 033170 2 comments

Err, created out of boredom?
Yeah? Well I've been there also. Seriously, when you sense this is happening it really is best to back out when it strikes!
Do yourself a favour (no offence intended..) and wait until the creative ideas begin to flow again and then pounce!

Until this happens you're better off having a beer or ten and chilling out :0) - Jun 11 2005
Simple Clouds

Wallpaper Other by 033170 6 comments

Come on. You are kidding right?
If you want clouds just Google or Yahoo their images....

If you had some additional linux related input (artistically speaking) to your cloud pic then maybe ok, but just a plain shot?? ! Hmm.... - Jun 11 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by stonedbush 7 comments

That's a very-pro looking splash screen there bro!

You know, this is the great thing about Linux and KDE. Being able to tap into the idea of free expression (thru art) and not be force fed the usual corporate blue backgrounds because they're political safe.
Ok, you could do this to some extent with Windows. With Linux though, you can 'roll your own' custom cd. That's what makes it so great!

Oh.. and the free software ofcourse :0) - Jun 09 2005

Wallpapers Windows by kristof 3 comments

Isn't that background from Gnome gdm theme?? - Apr 18 2005

Wallpaper Other by winslayer 4 comments

Yeah, I'm pretty pleased how it's turned out. I've only used GIMP in anger for a little while, so am still working things out :)
GIMP does so much man!
Anyway, if any of you ever use KDE at all, there is now a complimentary splash screen
over at Just a thought.. - Feb 10 2005
alone at the top

Wallpaper Other by mfriedrichs 1 comment

We've all been there sometime! Quite a sweet, poignant backdrop though.... - Feb 09 2005