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Obsidian Icon Theme

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Score 83.4%
May 29 2020
Missing Icon:
-GZDoom ("Doom" Videogame Port) - Sep 14 2019
Missing Icon:
-DBeaver Community (Universal Database Manager and SQL Client) - Jul 11 2019
Another missing icon:
-ElectronMail (unofficial protonmail desktop client) - Jul 07 2019
I found a missing icon:
-whatsdesk (unofficial whatsapp desktop client) - Jun 22 2019
Some missing icons:
-Latte (Dock)
-KTnef (Viewer for mail attachments using TNEF format)
-Karbon (Vector graphics editor)
-PHPStorm (PHPStorm) - Jan 19 2019
Darcwaita Icon Theme

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Score 50.0%
Oct 28 2018
-Weather forecast widget is not showing all the icons, some of them are missing
-Chromium browser icon is showing a BETA subtitle, but as far as i know is not a beta - Jan 12 2019
Hi this is an amazing theme but there are some missing icons:
-Waterfox (Web browser)
-Latte (Dock)
-MySQL Workbench (Visual database design tool)
-Plasma-discover (Its like the software center) the icon located near the systray is not displaying at all. It show an empty space.

Tested on Kubuntu 18.04 bionic - Jan 12 2019

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Score 83.8%
Mar 15 2020
Another missing icon:
-Notepadqq (Advanced Text Editor) - Jul 02 2018
Missing icon:
PCSX2 (Playstation 2 emulator) - May 29 2018
Another missing icon is Franz (Instant Messenger Client). - May 09 2018
More missing icons:
-MakeHuman (3d software)
-wxGlade (GUI designer for WxWidgets) - May 05 2018
I love this icon set but there are some missing icons:
-Godot (game engine)
-Riot (client of matrix)
-Discord (gaming oriented voip)
-Code OSS (OSS version of Vistual Studio Code)

Waterfox icon looks weird. - Apr 15 2018

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Score 89.6%
Jun 02 2020
More missing icons:
-PCSX2 (Playstation Emulator)
-MakeHuman (3D Software) - May 13 2018
Nice theme but there is a missing icon: wxGlade. - May 10 2018
flat icons Oranchelo

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Score 87.1%
Jan 15 2020
Some missing icons:
-Discord (Voip Gaming)
-Riot (Matrix client)
-MakeHuman (3d software)
-Signal (Instant Messaging)
-wxGlade (GUI designer for wxWidgets)
- May 01 2018
Zafiro icons

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Score 89.1%
May 31 2020
I hope these pictures give you more info, i think this app comes with gnome desktop because is a system tool. - Apr 21 2018
Some missing icons:
-Discord (Voip gaming)
-Riot (Matrix client)
-WhatsApp desktop
-Godot (Game engine)
-Code - OSS (Visual Studio Code)
-wxGlade (GUI generator)
-Search and Index (System tools) - Apr 16 2018