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Yonnys Martin
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Jan 22 2010
Hi GN, thanks for test QEVEN at least and for your feedback, we work for that, for our community.
-About License, sorry about that, it can be find in deb package but not in source package, it was a mistake I forgot it.
-About the Spanish, we know that, we will consider for the next update.
-And we will work to solve the other two errors that you mention us.
Thank you very much for your help and your suggestions. - Oct 08 2009
I was away for a while, sorry, there is a new version with English language of QEVEN.
Koronation, if you can build Mandriva package it would be great.
Derfish and Chytrex would be great if you provide german and czech version of qeven, you only need use QtLinguistic and send me the translation and it would be add to the official package. Thanks

Yonnys - Sep 28 2009
Delete link from rapidshare. Update link. Sorry was my first upload.
Yonnys - Jul 22 2009

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Jan 22 2010
Update link to download.
Yonnys - Jul 22 2009
We have plan for a 0.4 version with internationalization. We are from Cuba and the initial idea was in Spanish but we don't forgot the other languages. Wait soon the version 0.4 with a lot a change.
Yonnys - Jul 21 2009