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Dmitriy Volk
Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes 62 comments

Score 79.3%
Sep 29 2010
Awesome theme, great job!

Any plans to continue this excellent work? Faenza 0.8 came out today... Just asking :) - Nov 19 2010

Fonts 59 comments

by west
Score 80.0%
Mar 05 2010
Downloaded newPushkin.ttf, but when trying it saw the the cyrillic "ะด" was replace buy something with umlaut. What's up with that? - Jun 18 2009
Crystal KDE4

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 5 comments

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Feb 01 2007
I absolutely love this wallpaper.

I was wondering, would it be very hard for you to create a 1680x1050 version of the blueish (the first in the screenshot) one?

I would love to have it on my laptop.

Thanks a lot! Great work! - Oct 04 2007
Knotify for Pidgin

Chat & Messenging 8 comments

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Sep 05 2007

When I installed the provided .deb, it put the into /usr/local/lib/pidgin, while my pidgin installation expects plugins in /usr/lib/pidgin. I ended up symlinking the library.

Is it just me, or is /usr/local/lib the wrong place to put the file?

Thanks! - Jul 23 2007

Office Apps 36 comments

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Jul 03 2007
Didn't someone create a .deb? I don't see it on the download page. If anybody has it (the one that installs in /usr/bin, please), can I have it?

dmitriy.volk [at] g m a i l

Thanks a lot! - Jun 26 2007

Audio Apps 12 comments

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Sep 29 2007
I've created the source package, available at the same place:

It includes all the files necessary to build the .deb

- Apr 13 2007
I have created a .deb package for Ubuntu Edgy out of the latest version of mp3unicode (1.1.1). It's available at

The package will install the binary into /usr/local/bin, just as the original make install will do.

Please note: this is my _very_ first attempt at creating packages, so:
a) if something is wrong, please don't send hate mail
b) please send your suggestions on what I should be doing differently.


xbo <at> - Apr 13 2007

by nihui

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Apr 08 2011
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Nov 19 2010

by mtux

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Feb 06 2009
Facebook Widget (fixed)

Plasma 4 Extensions
by aderocha

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