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Dmitriy Volk
Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes by santgio72 62 comments

Awesome theme, great job!

Any plans to continue this excellent work? Faenza 0.8 came out today... Just asking :) - Nov 19 2010

Fonts by west 59 comments

Downloaded newPushkin.ttf, but when trying it saw the the cyrillic "ะด" was replace buy something with umlaut. What's up with that? - Jun 18 2009
Crystal KDE4

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by ChristianNickel 5 comments

I absolutely love this wallpaper.

I was wondering, would it be very hard for you to create a 1680x1050 version of the blueish (the first in the screenshot) one?

I would love to have it on my laptop.

Thanks a lot! Great work! - Oct 04 2007
Knotify for Pidgin

Chat & Messenging by CitizenKane 8 comments


When I installed the provided .deb, it put the into /usr/local/lib/pidgin, while my pidgin installation expects plugins in /usr/lib/pidgin. I ended up symlinking the library.

Is it just me, or is /usr/local/lib the wrong place to put the file?

Thanks! - Jul 23 2007

Office Apps by atlanter 36 comments

Didn't someone create a .deb? I don't see it on the download page. If anybody has it (the one that installs in /usr/bin, please), can I have it?

dmitriy.volk [at] g m a i l

Thanks a lot! - Jun 26 2007

Audio Apps by dubovik 12 comments

I've created the source package, available at the same place:

It includes all the files necessary to build the .deb

- Apr 13 2007

Audio Apps by dubovik 12 comments

I have created a .deb package for Ubuntu Edgy out of the latest version of mp3unicode (1.1.1). It's available at

The package will install the binary into /usr/local/bin, just as the original make install will do.

Please note: this is my _very_ first attempt at creating packages, so:
a) if something is wrong, please don't send hate mail
b) please send your suggestions on what I should be doing differently.


xbo <at> - Apr 13 2007

by nihui

7 .2
Apr 08 2011
7 .9
Nov 19 2010

by mtux

8 .3
Feb 06 2009
Facebook Widget (fixed)

Plasma 4 Extensions
by aderocha

7 .8
9   Jan 30 2011
7 .9
9   Dec 26 2010
7 .7
9   Dec 10 2010
8 .1
9   Dec 10 2010
7 .2
9   Dec 10 2010