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Gnome Shell Themes by PetitLepton 4 comments

Awesome theme! There are a few minor things I'd like to see changed, and I tried to do them myself but I couldn't really figure it out. Anyways, if you plan on updating this, I'd suggest:
-In the user menu/other menus, highlighting over the black text turns it white, while grey text stays the same color. I'd say leave the black text the same color too.
-Hovering over text on the panel gives it a weird shadow that looks really bad on my screen (looks better if you set the text-shadow to transparent in the panel.css and give each button a full background instead.)
-I feel like something should happen to the lock/settings/power buttons in the user menu when they're hovered over.
-Close buttons on the windows in the overview look fuzzy on my screen. Also, if you fix this, maybe set up a second color of close button to change to when you hover over it, just looks a little nicer.

Sorry if this is long, but this theme is one of the best I've seen, and with these tweaks it would just be perfect, at least to me.
And if it helps, I'm running Fedora 21 on a tiny laptop with a mediocre screen.
Thank you so much! - Apr 01 2015
Evolvere Icon theme

Full Icon Themes by franksouza183 187 comments

This is by far the greatest icon set I have ever come across, but I have 2 requests-
In the evolbuntu dark fallback, could you make the changed icons fully lighter instead of just outlined? It would look much, much nicer.
Also, an icon for LMMS would be nice. Thanks - Sep 27 2014

Full Icon Themes
by vinceliuice

9   Dec 27 2014