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Martin . , Germany
Amarok 2.x Scripts
Plasma 5 Applets

Yakuake Skins 5 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 14 2017
Perfect for KF5 users.
Are there any plans for marking a "dark" version (to match the Breeze Dark color scheme/workspace theme)? - Feb 21 2015

Audioplayers 391 comments

Score 87.9%
Sep 29 2017
Hi Aleksandr,

thanks for the patch.
I'd put the patch in a new ticket at
Craig does not always follow the comments here, but creating a new ticket makes sure that he gets your patch
(and as a bonus the patches formatting does not break when you attach it to a ticket).

Martin - Jun 04 2012
I just have to agree: great release! - Apr 11 2012
Yes - and there are quite a lot of them :) - Mar 16 2012
You can send Craig an email.
His email can be found in the AUTHORS file (in the tarball). - Mar 14 2012

Plasma Themes 32 comments

Score 79.2%
Sep 07 2010

you are right - removing the theme, then removing the files from the filesystem and afterwards reinstalling your theme made the icon show up!
Thanks for the hint :) - Sep 20 2010

I still love this theme <3

Unfortunately I think there's an icon missing.
Look at the following screenshot of my panel - the icon for "show hidden icons" is missing:

With the oxygen theme it looks like this:

Anyway - still your theme rocks :) - Sep 19 2010

Various KDE Stuff 16 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 25 2010

I just found out the hard way that there's another crash :/
Simply install this theme: Then press CTRL+O (to open a theme, also works when trying to open it via the menu).

Here's the bt for the crash:

It doesn't crash with this theme btw:

PS: Thanks anyway for this cool tool :) - Aug 27 2010
Xfire for Kopete (kopete-xfire)

Network 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 03 2011
since a few days your plugin refuses to connect to the xfire servers.
the reason is quite obvious: you hardcoded the protocol version in xf_server.cpp
here's a fix which will work around the issue until the protocol version will be changed again:

this is how Openfire-C knows that the protocol version has changed: - Jun 06 2010
Copy Song Info

Amarok 2.x Scripts 3 comments

Score 58.6%
Nov 11 2009
There was a bug in Amarok where shotcuts for actions created by scripts were not persistent across restarts.
See this BR:

=> This will be fixed in the Amarok release after 2.3.1 (next release is probably 2.3.2 -> there it's fixed). - Jun 01 2010

just wanted to say 'thanks' :)
I found your script today, and I must say: I like it

one thing I was really missing in amarok 2 was the CTRL+C shortcut so the current artist/track would've been copied into the clipboard
thanks to your script I get that back in amarok 2 (just installed your script, went to the "Configure Shortcuts" dialog and assigned "Copy Current Song Info" CTRL+C as shortcut (as simple shortcut, not the alternate one nor the global one))

Martin - Nov 23 2009
Ultimate Lyrics

Amarok 2.x Scripts 138 comments

Score 59.6%
Jul 26 2010
I think this is a bug in amarok 2.2.1
Leo Franchi made the height of the lyrics applet variable (depending on it's content). the commit I'm speaking of is 197f8a2749579780d3fa9283c5ac55a45402ef03
maybe something is wrong with that -> I'd suggest reporting that to the amarok developers

ironically he commited his changes with the following comment: "fix lyric applet sizing for the last goddamn time." - Nov 21 2009

nice script :)
great that you could use some of my code (from the Lyrix script) :)
seems that my own script will be discontinued... as I've been using yours for some days now and I must say I like it :) - Sep 29 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts 6 comments

Score 46.0%
Sep 29 2009

it may be me... but it seems that google refuses to redirect to LoudSongs
I don't know why, but without google's "I'm feeling lucky" I cannot make my script find lyrics on that site

that's an example link I get back from that 302found service (it works around some nasty google "bug" :)) -> as you can see, it does not directly redirect to

darklight - May 18 2009

by CraigD

Score 87.9%
Apr 09 2012
Score 63.3%
9   Apr 01 2012

by CraigD

Score 87.9%
9   Mar 12 2012