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by xEsk
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Oct 18 2009
Ah, and this error only appears with ui_addvideo.h??

Bye - Mar 24 2008
Hi this error is due to the new xVST 1.8.x I added Accessibility Support.

Here you'll find some information about Qt and Accessibility:

When you compile the Qt 4.3.x, the "-accessibility" option should be selected (which is selected by default).

Bye! :) - Mar 24 2008
Yes!! :) - Mar 01 2008
Uh, I tried the app with ubuntu and this problem do not appears.

This problem is a Qt bug :(

If someone know how to fix it, the help will be welcomed! hehehe

Thanks amigib for try the app! - Feb 05 2008
Oh! Thanks amigib!

I'll add your translation file into the repository!

Great job amigib! And thank you again! - Jan 29 2008