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Krzysztof Zawadyl PoznaƄ, Poland
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Aug 11 2009
As always, Everaldo, great work! You rock again :) - Jun 20 2007

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Dec 29 2006
I think you can use the Xnest command - it lets you to run another XServer in the window and then (with setting the DISPLAY env variable properly) start any X application (including kdm) on it.

This should work for you.

Good luck!

BTW, that's a nice theme! - Dec 29 2006

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by xis
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Dec 21 2005
Well, this is an old screenshot - currently the buttons aren't available. There's an anchor instead of button. It shows when you make a trigger with 'Execute command' action.

Cheers - Sep 07 2006
Thank you for your help. I'm sure that it will be much easier to other users to install MM with your improvement!

I think that the 0.4.6 release will have a lot of fixes (including yours), but I'm afraid you'll have to wait for it. I moved out to the other city and I got new job there so I have no time for MM now (I have to make shopping to my new flat and so on ;) ). But I will try very hard to make 0.4.6!

Please, stay tuned ;)
Best regards - Jan 30 2006
Sorry for replying so late.

Well, I'm not the RegExp expert, but those logs look very similiar to the syslog's logs. Did you try to use one of the predefined log RegExps?
I can try to prepare one for you, but now I am very busy and I just have no time for MetaMonitor :( Maybe in a weekend I can try to work on this, and by the way, try to make a RegExp for you.

I'll see what I can do.
Cheers - Jan 24 2006
"It's possible to make that it not one file was processed but several....

for exmple


Actually this is what I'm working on now :) It will be possible in 0.4.6. Stay tuned :)

"It's a bug : I mark the option "don't display pop-ups", but in such case in "Log Messages" window icons after restarting the program, resets to icons by default, but not those, whitch was setted by me...."

Thanks for reporting that!

"please give me the comments, how i can use it...?


I can't set empty pop-up messages..."

Yes, it's quite difficult (I am trying to make it easier now). The point is that if you're using Syslog, you should set the /var/log/messages and the Syslog's regular expression. If you're using Metalog - this should be /var/log/everything/current and the Metalog's regexp. If you want to monitor any different file, you should set the custo regular expression which captures three columns of text (for the time, sender and message's text). As i said, it's quite difficult, but I hope it will be easier soon.

Thanks for your comment, have a good time! - Dec 28 2005
Thanks! I added it to my TODO list :) - Dec 28 2005
Thanks for your positive comment.
I like your suggestions very much, so I'll try to implement them. I added them to my TODO list :)

About slow messages list dialog - maybe ability to disable icons will help. I'll check it out.

Unfortunatelly I don't have a spare time right now, but I'll try to release the new version ASAP (I've found a memory leak in 0.4.5) and maybe some of your ideas (or all of them) will be there too.

Thanks - Dec 21 2005
MM itself doesn't need FAM, but I guess it is the KDE dependency, so you need to have on your disk. I think you can try install the gamin-devel and then do something like this before compiling MetaMonitor:

export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib64 $LDFLAGS"

Then try to compile MM as always (./configure && make && make install)

I hope it'll work.
Good luck - Nov 26 2005
I don't know why the whole KDE crashed after you opened a file and not only MetaMonitor did. MetaMonitor doesn't use KDE/Qt file mechanisms for watching the log files, so it is more strange to me. I tried to reproduce this situation with my MM and it worked fine (I don't have xmessages neither xconsole file, so i tried with the others - also devices - and it also worked). Of course the /dev directory files are a bit 'dangerous', for example - do not try to set the file /dev/console - it can hang your keyboard, and not only with MM!

Maybe you wanted to open some block device instead of a regular file? (haven't you mistaken the file name and tried to open xmessages instead of xconsole?)

All I can suggest is to look at the syslog-ng configuration files and try to reconfigure your daemon or ask other Suse users. Maybe there is some tip?

Regards - Nov 21 2005
Well, guys of Novell said you should attach MM to /dev/xconsole, not to /dev/xmessages. If there's problem with reading a pipe (it is not a 'normal' file, but should also work) then you can reconfigure syslog-ng. It can send it's messages to a pipe AND also to the file (see sample syslog-ng file which comes with the package).
However, the xconsole messages are NOT all the messages you would like to see. There will only be messages which are 'safe', that means, syslog-ng won't send the trusted messages there (such as user password changes and so on).

MetaMonitor is an administration tool, it is designed to watch log files and not to care about permission. So I can't guarantee that you will be able to see all the logs. :(

You may want to see last comments in this site, there are some tricks which should help you.
Good luck.
- Nov 21 2005
I described this problem in the README file. I think that the best way to set the correct permission is to do:
rw-r----- root admin messages
I mean setting the file owner to 'root' and group to 'admin'. Then make trusted users members of this group (after that the users must logout + login again to work).

However, syslog resets file permission with every restart, so you have to make a way to change this situation. I am not sure but I think there aren't any configuration options responsible for this. In this case one of ways is to edit syslog's init script (/etc/init.d/syslog) and add the following lines to the end of start procedure's body:
chgrp admin /var/log/messages
chmod g+r /var/log/messages

Of course there are other ways such as adding these lines to cron or reconfigure you logrotate daemon (if you use any) and so on... I'm not a Syslog expert so I can't help you more.

Good luck
- Nov 19 2005
Wow, I find it as a compliment :) Thanks!
- Nov 19 2005
Thank you for your opinion. Comments like this are great motivation to maintain this project :)

About MM as a part of KDE... Well, I'm not sure if it's mature enough yet. Maybe in the future KDE developers will be interested of it. I want to make MM a tool similar to Mac's growl - it is an agent between user and applications. I want to put into MM a mechanism of dcop monitors - this should give you the ability to ask any KDE app for it's state. For example MM asks KMail if there are new mails every second (an popup message with button if there is some new stuff), or MM asks for RSS feeds or MM asks amaroK if there's new song... and so on and so on ;)

- Nov 18 2005
This is because you don't have automake-1.6 installed (you probably have the 1.9 version). I know that there is a problem with that on Suse. I'll try to disable automake version checking (hope it will work) when the official 0.4 version will be released. - Nov 17 2005
I'm very glad you like it :)
I thought about default triggers but I didn't have an idea about what should be by default, so I decided to not do any.
I also plan to make 0.5 release be plugin based (every plugin will have it's own triggers group) and then I'll make two default plugins: Metalog' log file and Syslog' log file (then I'll try to make few default triggers such as for warnings and errors - maybe you have some ideas?). You will be also able to monitor more than one file, and not only files (also commands outputs and dcop commands).
How about that? - Nov 15 2005
Yes, It is fixed now and should work :) - Nov 15 2005
I've just added it to my TODO list, so it should be done in official 0.4 release :)
- Nov 15 2005
It was intentional to let every message to live its own time. When the message's lifetime ends it dissapears regardless of other messages, and if there's no messages in the popup, then the whole popup is being hidden (this is because it is not a popup who has timer, but a single message). I think I can add an option to reset the other messages' timers whenever the new message pops up, there is no problem to do that I think.
Thanks for that tip.

About the XCompMgr, I did't know that (I don't use this feature often). I'll try to check it out and maybe find a way to destroy this bug :)
Thanks once again.

- Nov 11 2005
This feature will be implemented in next (0.4) release. You will be able to block any popups you want. And many more! :)
- Nov 09 2005
Have you read the README file? in the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS section you can find information how to set the file. Basically you need to configure MM.

Regards - Nov 07 2005
Oh, and one more thing:
The /var/log/message file is by default unreadable by users (only root), however you can set the file permissions after the syslog starts (but remember that this can be serious security hole for your system). I'm not sure, but i guess the syslog's options (see /etc/syslog.conf or man syslog.conf) lets to specify which users (or maybe groups too) can read the messages. I just don't know that (I use metalog), if you find it out, please tell me, ok?
The other way to walk this around is to edit the init script (but I don't recommend it).

Good luck - Nov 02 2005
Well, I don't think that the script should make a symlink do /bin. AFAIK /bin is a directory for the most essential apps, and MM is only an optional tool, isn't it? :) The main destination directory for MM binary file is $prefix/bin (where $prefix is the directory specified by ./configure --prefix). You can of course set other destination directory using --prefix option while configuring. See ./configure --help for details.
About .deb package, all I can tell that in the next release I'll maybe include it in the download files too :)

And thank you for your opinion about MM :)
- Nov 02 2005
Well, it's already there :)
Just click on the message's icon or title. Yes, it's annoing that clicking on the message's _text_ doesn't make it disappear. I'll try to fix it in the next minor release. - Nov 01 2005
Yes, I know that some messages (event if the're groupped) can be very annoying :(

Currently I'm working on triggers mechanism, so you'll be able to set some actions for various types of messages (including popup blocking).

Until I'll release the new version of MetaMonitor you can:
a) make popup's lifetime a bit shorter (this will make popups dissapear faster)
b) disable popups groupping option
c) pause popups for the time you use vmware (just right click on the MM icon and choose 'Pause popups' option)

... and wait for 0.4 :)

My plan for triggers in 0.4 looks like this:
You will be able to define when the trigger should be launched (for example, when the sender's name contains 'su' and/or the message's text contains 'fail') and what action should be performed. You can choose one (or more) action:
- popup's block (do not show popup)
- set popup's font
- set popup's color (font and background)
- set popup's icon
- set popup's lifetime
- play sound
- run command (for example a script which sends mail or something)
I think that this mechanism and dcop's power would make MM a very useful app (notifications from kget about finished downloads, messages from akregator about new RSS feeds and so on). But, so far, that's only a plan. We'll see if it's possible to implement by me :)

Regards - Nov 01 2005
Good to know that it works with syslog-ng. I don't have syslog (just metalog), and I had to test my RegExp on some old data. I think that the way MetaMonitor parses the syslog's log line is still not perfect (the annoying hostname is still in the sender's name and should be there only if there's no sender).
I think metalog's logs is easier to handle and much more 'clean'. - Oct 31 2005
Check out the second download link. Is that what you mean? ;)
It's not a perfect ebuild, but should work. - Oct 31 2005
Yes it's a known or even 'popular' problem ;)
Automake 1.9 is incompatible with 1.6 version. You can install another automake package like 1.6 or 1.7 (should be no conflict if you INSTALL it, not UPGRADE, because these packages can be installed together).
If it is a problem for you, then you can download RPM package and convert it into tgz package using rpm2tgz tool.
Good luck! - Oct 29 2005
I'm glad you like it :)
Well, first of all I try to group multiple messages into single popup (almost already done, needs some testing and I'll publish it). Then I'll maybe add an ability to choose custom icons for every sender.
What next? I don't know, maybe I'll think something out or maybe you will have some requests.
My free week is goin' to the end, so I don't know about my time to code ;)
- Oct 29 2005
I don't know if this project is 'mature enough' to disturb the Gentoo Gurus ;) Maybe in next versions (when it will be more functional) I'll request it.

Regards - Oct 29 2005
Cool :)

This RPM probably should also work with SuSe (but you must run rpm command with '--relocate /usr=/opt/kde3' option). I don't have Suse, so I'm not sure about that. - Oct 28 2005
Yes, this is exactly what dzamboun said, and I think you both are right :)
In this time I am workin on this, problably in next 'bigger' version 0.3 (0.2.1 was just fix to 0.2) it will be implemented. So far I'm thinking and testing of what is better:
- groupping multiple messages in a single popup
- multiple popups positioning (every new popup could 'push' the older ones up)
It appears to be not so easy, cause I have to think about click events and so on.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestions. I'm really glad that you find MetaMonitor useful! - Oct 28 2005
I've made an MDK rpm package with MetaMonitor. Hope it will work for you ;)

You can also grab spec file from here
... if you'd like to build a package for your distro. - Oct 28 2005
Sorry about this double :) - Oct 28 2005
Compiling MetaMonitor requires automake version 1.6. It compiles also with automake-1.7 (when running make -f admin/Makefile.common) but I noticed that not with automake-1.9 :(
You can try with installing automake-1.6 or automake-1.7 (you can find the packages for SuSe 9.0 on for example). This should help you. Don't worry about the possible downgrade, these packages can be installed in your system together. After installation of automake, please rerun:
make -f admin/Makefile.common
make install (as root)
Good luck!
- Oct 28 2005
Compiling MetaMonitor requires automake version 1.6. It compiles also with automake-1.7 (when running make -f admin/Makefile.common) but I noticed that not with automake-1.9 :(
You can try with installing automake-1.6 or automake-1.7 (you can find the packages for SuSe 9.0 on for example). This should help you. Don't worry about the possible downgrade, these packages can be installed in your system together. After installation of automake, please rerun:
make -f admin/Makefile.common
make install (as root)
Good luck!
- Oct 28 2005
I'm really glad you like it! :)
But, I can't do any rpm's right now :( I have only
gentoo installed, so no rpm's here.
But I'm planning to install another distro (MDK for example) on my second partition and then I'll be able to create rpm's. But I can't promise you that :(
- Oct 28 2005
Here: the gentoo ebuild for MetaMonitor. It's my first ebuild ever so I have no idea if that will work. Please test it and tell me if it's working, ok?
- Oct 28 2005
Yes, I know about dcop and I think it's a great feature too :) I'm thinking about implementing this stuff in the future versions.
I hope you'll find my code useful!
- Oct 28 2005
First of all, thank you for your suggestion.
But I'm afraid it is not possible to implement this, because the tray icon is the only way for MetaMonitor to communicate with user. For example, if the icon is hidden, there is no way to close or reconfigure it.

Or maybe I just missunderstand you? - Oct 25 2005
Please, tell me, do you have automake-1.6 installed? There are few versions of this package and you maybe have only 1.9 or 1.7 but not 1.6. If you don't have it, please install automake-1.6 and try again. Tell me if that works, ok? Thank you.

- Oct 25 2005
Thanks! :)
My idea for the next version (maybe next next ;) )was that informations could be groupped into a single popup, but there is possibility that the popup can be really big :(

I like your idea with positioning the 'clouds'. However i am not sure if I am able to do it (especially when the user has kicker on the top/left/right side of the desktop). Anyway, I'll see what I can do :)
- Oct 24 2005
One more question, did you run './configure' before 'make'?
- Oct 24 2005
Sorry, this is my fault. There is an error in the configure script. You can fix it by yourself, just edit the 'configure' file: go to line no 1901 and change those lines:



Please, tell me if it's ok, so I' fix the file. Thanks.

- Oct 24 2005

Video Apps 115 comments

by mf2
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Sep 12 2007
I forgot that you also need need add the libraries directory to pro file. This is mine (after changes):


CONFIG += qt warn_on

unix:LIBS += -L/usr/lib -L/usr/kde/3.4/lib -lkio
INCLUDEPATH += /usr/kde/3.4/include

HEADERS += videocodec_struct.h \
videofilter_struct.h \
audiocodec_struct.h \

SOURCES += main.cpp \

FORMS = mainform.ui \
videocodec.ui \
videofilter.ui \
audiocodec.ui \
videoinfo.ui \
joinvideos.ui \
extract.ui \
chapters.ui \
subtitles.ui \

IMAGES = images/dvd_unmount.png \
images/cdrom_unmount.png \
images/video.png \
images/enhanced_browsing.png \
images/remove.png \

OPTIONS += thread debug

TRANSLATIONS = kvideoencoder_en.ts \
kvideoencoder_de.ts \

unix {
UI_DIR = .ui
MOC_DIR = .moc

Hope that will help

- Apr 14 2006
... Or it is the same problem as I had. If you have the development packages installed, but in a different dir, you need to add this line to src/

INCLUDEPATH += {the_output}

... where {the_output} is an output of this command:

kde-config --prefix

PS. This is a really good app.

And my question: Is there a frontend for 'transcode' planned?
- Apr 14 2006
Great app, but I had problems with installing it on my Gentoo machine (I had to manually edit the project file). You could add an '--with-kde-prefix' for libs and includes. This would help all gentoo users ;) (you can use 'kde-config --prefix')

- Apr 12 2006
Mockup: Mail Notifier

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 19 comments

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Nov 06 2005
With the dcop interface (and themes in nearly future) it would be possible to do with MetaMonitor. Of course you have to wait for new release (0.5 at least) till all the plans will be implemented if you want to use it.
But communication with other apps (or even custom commands) is one of points, MM want to reach :)
- Nov 06 2005

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Feb 18 2006
Maybe you just have to include <stdlib.h> to the frmmain.cpp? Exit is declared in this header file. See man 3 exit.
- Aug 25 2005

Graphic Apps 24 comments

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Jun 09 2019
My girlfriend will love it! :)
She had to use windoze because of PC Stitch (or something like this). And now this app comes.

Thank you very much!
- Mar 27 2005