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Bernd Bernd
thank you!
had the same problem. your command solved it - Jul 28 2011
I solved it.
open .screenlets/Impulse/

In the very beginning there is the line

audio_source_index = 0

Just chaning the 0 with the number of my source worked for me - Mar 15 2011
Same problem to me...a solution would be great! - Mar 15 2011
Sorry got it for my own..
For those who dont know:
Just exchange your code in ~/.screenlets/Impuse/ with the code from the link
Then you can set the Amplifier in the Screenlet Options

nice work! thanks! - Mar 10 2011
what do i have to do with this?
i have the volume problem,too - Mar 10 2011
9   Mar 15 2011