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Mark Smith

Amarok 1.x Scripts by camico 42 comments

Thanks for the reply. I am still using amarok 1.4.10, and I do not plan to change soon either. I just wanted to check to see the develop plans for this particular script. Thanks again for this script! - Apr 12 2009

Video Apps by kiriuja 100 comments

Is this project still being developed? - Mar 12 2009

Audio Apps by Samt43 11 comments

now if there was a simple app to do the same extraction from higher quality mp4 video files. - Mar 12 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts by camico 42 comments

Is this script going to be ported to amarok 2.0? I haven't used 2.0 since one of the late betas. From that brief exposure, I quickly ran back to 1.4.10. I do not think I can use amarok2.0 without this script. Nothing I have seen from the devs approaches the features here. Thanks again for your awesome work. - Mar 03 2009

Financial by willy9 91 comments

I ran into an error while compiling from source. On line 16 of, the extractrc command seemed to fail. The solution is to install kdesdk-scripts from repos. - Feb 24 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts by camico 42 comments

Great work! I'm wondering if you can add reviews to your list. Also, I have a few reviews stored in the comment field of my mp3s/flacs. Is it possible to add them in the script for display? Thanks! - Dec 08 2008