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Yichao Yu
For everyone else with a minimum knowledge of linux (in particular, what a symlink is) and is wondering if you will see a compile error when compiling QtCurve, there isn't any qtcurve specific problem that anyone is working on related to this. The only problem is that cmake through an error if you are compiling in a path which contains a symlink to it's parent. If you have ever compile any cmake project before, you can ignore this.

And please don't spam stackoverflow with mis-leading questions.
- Oct 03 2014
maybe just click the upvote? - Dec 27 2013
Could you please create a issue on Github about this? It will be a lot easier for me to track it there. - Dec 26 2013
I haven't completely understand the code / logic for this part yet but I think these are valid feature requests (although I admit I haven't read / test them carefully yet).
As other comment I made today, could you please create an issue(s) for these? I would like to add these once I'm ready for new configure options and it would be a lot easier for me to find them again if they are managed on github.

- Dec 26 2013
Actually if you look at my commit log, the initial port was done before you posted this comment (although I didn't published it until about 2-3 weeks later because of the missing X11 specific support).
- Dec 26 2013
Too late reply but the qt5 port is already released. Enjoy. - Dec 26 2013
I agree that such an option may be useful, it might also be useful to detect remote X connections as well.
However, I'm not yet ready to add any configure options yet and it will be very helpful for me if you can create an issue on github about the feature request.
- Dec 26 2013
Are you talking about the appmenu button for KDE 4.9.85+? The support should already be added in the 1.8.15 release. It should have saved me some time if I know such a patch already exists....
- Dec 26 2013
Recently noticed this bug and it should be fixed in the master already. The fix causes some side effects when using background pixmaps, which I will fix before the next release.

(Also you are right about the reason.:) )
- Dec 26 2013
If it is still a problem, please report to github.
It's a lot easier for me to track over there. - Dec 26 2013
If it is still a problem, please report to github.
It's a lot easier for me to track over there.
- Dec 26 2013
Feel free to add an issue on github.
I think this can be added although I'm not yet ready to add new configure options. It will be helpful to track all these requests if they are on github.
- Dec 26 2013
I'm not sure if I will add any configure options at time soon but feel free to add an issue about this on github.
- Dec 26 2013
Please see the comment with title "QTCurve Underline Fix" at ~ page 169.
- Dec 26 2013
Ah... Finally find this bug report. It will be a lot easier for me if you could open an issue on github (or maybe in the future) instead of a comment here.

With a recent commit[1], the problem should be fixed (since the old shadow png files are not used anymore). The shadow WILL look different and I'm NOT sure if it looks better or worse than the old one so PLEASE test and give you idea on how it looks if possible.

Also, in the future, if sth looks ugly, instead of trying to work around it with an option, don't hesitate to just open an issue (well, checking if there is already an issue will be better). This will help me a lot since it is REALLY hard for me to test every combinations of configure options.

- Dec 26 2013
Well, if X server crashes, it's not likely caused by QtCurve since it is never loaded by the X server process (on the other hand, it is totally different in Wayland and is why I am worrying a lot). Are you sure it is the X server rather than KWin that crashes? (And what do you mean by "reboot", since just X server crash won't cause a reboot AFAIK.) If it is really the X server that crashes, it sounds like a driver bug. Which driver are you using, have you tried another one? In either case, it will be helpful to get a backtrace from the process that crashes (you may need to start that process manually for use `sudo gdb -p` to attach to that process from tty before it crashes).
- Nov 08 2013
You can set gtk icon theme with kde-gtk-config or whatever tools to change gtk2 themes like gtk-theme-switch2 or gtk-chteme or editing the ~/.gtkrc-2.0 yourself.

For gtk-demo, you can double click the list on the left to open each single demo. (which I think is stated in the gui above that list)
- Oct 30 2013
Which icon theme have you set for KDE and gtk2?
Both setting KDE icon theme + enable the use kde icon option and setting gtk2 icon theme + disable the use kde icon option works here. (tested with gtk-demo).
In which applications do you have the problem?
Which version of qtcurve are you using (although not sure if any old version has such a bug)? Maybe you can also try to remove .config/qtcurve/gtk-icons.
- Oct 30 2013
In the configure GUI, "Advanced Settings" tab, uncheck the "Use KDE equivalent" in "Gtk icons".
- Oct 30 2013
have you tried the "Use KDE icons" option? - Oct 30 2013
In that case this patch is totally irrelavant for your case. (And that's why you should answer my question first.)........

The problem is probably in the png files to generate the shadow and I'll fix it later. However, it will not be backported to 1.8.14 since the code for doing that is totally different.
- Oct 29 2013

Have you tried the patch? Does it fix the problem for you? And could you tell me your distribution, qtcurve version and architecture please?
- Oct 29 2013
Well, first of all, are you really using the latest version on a non-x86/x64 architecture? If that's not the case, this patch is probably not going to fix your problem.

For applying the patch, you can find the link to the tarball in my previous comment (1.8.17 release). An easier way to do this is to just download the tarball for the branch I have cherry-picked the commit from github here[1].

If you think this patch is really relevant to your problem, (i.e. you are using the latest version on a big-endian machine) you can test this package without recompiling the whole package. Here's the commands you would need to compile and install the relavant part.

cd <extract root>
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<your prefix (usually /usr, sth like /usr/lib/<arch> on debian with multiarch)>
cd qtcurve-utils
# make install
(make sure the* files installed with this command overrides the old one.)

- Oct 26 2013
I cannot really see your screenshot clearly but I think the only thing that can go wrong is the byte order of the image sent to kwin as XPixmap. Could you please try this commit[1] (corresponding patch[2]) and see if it fixes your problem?

- Oct 25 2013
There isn't a option for that.
Are you using the newest version, and which architecture are you using?
- Oct 25 2013
Hi everyone,

Although it has only been 3 weeks since I released qtcurve-kde4 1.8.15, I feel like that the bug fixes and new features in master is enough for a new minor release. So here you go, get QtCurve-1.8.17 at github[0]. (In case anyone is wondering where is the missing 1.8.16, it is taken by qtcurve-gtk2 which is part of this release).

The most important new feature in this release, I guess, is the support of Qt5 (YEAH!!!), which was actually added a few months ago and was the first thing I did for QtCurve. Thanks to the (almost) perfect source code compatibility between Qt4 and Qt5, the port was rather easy with (almost) no missing features.

Other than the Qt5 port, for normal users, most of the changes compare to the previous release are bug fixes related to translucent background. (Some of the fixes are also launched in Oxygen-Transparent. =D). Although this feature is still considered experimental, most of the application misbehave that I have seen myself are fixed.

For packager and users who want to compile QtCurve themselves, there are some major difference in the build system and structures that you would need to pay attention to.

There are compile options to build QtCurve for Qt4/KDE4, Qt5, Gtk2 which are all enabled by default (instead of having different repos and tarballs for each of them). You can also control whether compiling with X11 support with the option `QTC_ENABLE_X11` (also enabled by default). Other old compile options have been renamed but most of the old name should still work in the next 1-2 versions. For a more complete list of supported compile options as well as some explaination, see the corresponding section in[1].

Another difference is that some of the common code have been moved into a separate library called `libqtcurve-utils`. I'm sorry if this causes an extra split package (2 if include qt5...) for distribution packagers.

A more detail list of difference can be found in the as well as the release note[0].

Please get it and try it out. Again, although I have tried my best to fix bugs that I have found, there may still be missing ones, especially for the new Qt5 port and the (still) experimental translucent background feature. If you have found any bugs or have any suggestions, you are welcome to report them in the github issues tracker[2].

[2] - Oct 18 2013
If anyone is interested, these bugs are (partialy) workarounded but should be fixed in the applications.
- Oct 14 2013
I will try to make this better. In the mean time, you can configure this option in the General Tab.
- Oct 04 2013
Hi everyone,

I have just released a new version of qtcurve-kde4 at github[1]. Although this is the first release after I started to maintain qtcurve and I am still getting familiar with the code, I am glad to say that the 1.8.15 version of qtcurve-kde4 does come with a few new features and bug fixes as you can see in the tag comment. I don't think I can upload tarball here so please just download the source code from github.

The compilation should be exactly the same unless you are making split package or manually installing some files, in which case you should change the directory name in your script. Some of the options have been renamed but all the old options should continues to work. The list of new options is available in the README[2].

Please download and try it out :). If you have any problems, please use the issue tracker[3] on github. Any suggestions, help or bug reports are all welcome.

[3] - Sep 29 2013
I have already attached the link in the comment one page before..... no idea who is maintaining it now though................................
- Dec 16 2012
There is a bug in qtcurve-gtk2 that was triggered by a cairo commit one month ago.

relavant discusses, bug reports, patch can be found here

(Hopefully this is the right place to report bugs.....) - Sep 17 2012
For ArchLinux package of kde 4.8.80 and qtcurve-kde4, I get the following error message from corresponding systemsettings entry.

The library /usr/lib/kde4/ has no API version
Please use the KWIN_DECORATION or future versions of kwin will no longer load this decoration!
X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
Major opcode: 20 (X_GetProperty)
Resource id: 0x0
systemsettings: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/kde4/ undefined symbol: _ZNK25KCommonDecorationUnstable16clientGroupItemsEv

api break of kwin?? - Jun 04 2012
Seems that Gtk3 is still breaking its theme engine api (at least gtk3.4 breaks the non-git version of oxygen-gtk3) so I doubt if anyone will be interested in catching up with api breaking before gtk3 become stable.

+1 also looking forward for gtk3 version~~ - Apr 02 2012
(Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs)

The submenu is flashing when moving the mouse on the parent menu button if I set the submenu delay to 0. - Dec 16 2011
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Dec 16 2011
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