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nic takiego
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

At first - great application! I really like it a lot.

Now to the subject - because kirocker reads cover art from (as I suppose) amarok cache and I have no files in folder '.../amarok/albumcovers/large' and images in folder '.../amarok/albumcovers/cache' are only 130x130px, album covers in full screen mode still look bad.

To solve this problem I wrote small script in python, that links original album cover file to '.../amarok/albumcovers/large' folder (appropriately named, of course), so that it can be read in full size and takes just little bit of disk space.

sript is here - Before use, delete all covers from '.../amarok/albumcovers/large' folder, that you want to be replaced by links (or move them somewhere else for backup). Remember it only works for covers you have on disk and not those downloaded by amarok.

PS: For now script is very simple and looks only for files (.jpg, .png, .gif), that contains any of following words - 'folder', 'front', 'cover'. It takes first file found. Though I can add some more sophisticated options, if it will be of any use for you. - Nov 30 2007