Very original idea. Congratulations! - Jun 08 2008
Amarok Simple Center (hungarian)

Karamba & Superkaramba by gerebrobi 2 comments

Hey Robi, it's cool! Köszi! :-) - May 18 2008

XFCE Screenshots by solarfields 2 comments

LOL! That was my favourite cartoon, when I was a child. - Jan 31 2008
Even The Ancients Knew

Wallpaper Other by McLovin 6 comments

Perhaps you're the grandchild of Salvador Dali... I like it! :-) - Dec 23 2007
debian gdm theme

GDM Themes by zuhi 5 comments

It rocks!

Király vagy! :-) - Sep 01 2007
Dangerous to lean out Grub splash

Bootsplash Various by andrewmin 3 comments

What a funny work! Well done! :-) - Aug 13 2007
Human_KDE Modified

Full Icon Themes by cookies 11 comments

Disagree. In that case some icons are missing in KDE. Check it. - Aug 05 2007
Gnome Icons Style

Icon Sub-Sets by LinWinster 3 comments

Funny! - Jul 24 2007
Suse tan Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by El-Sato 7 comments

I don't like Suse, but this picture is absolutly perfect!

I must agree with the guy before me in asking you:

Could you have similar ideas for other distros, ex. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, etc? - Jun 29 2007
Fedora leafy

Wallpaper Other by mola 1 comment

Very nice work! Thx! - Apr 29 2007

Wallpaper Other by josk 5 comments

IMHO it is not wrong. One fits to my CRT at home, the other fits to my LCD at work. And it is a very funny picture! - Jan 15 2007
Xmobile 2

Phone Themes by nameless89 1 comment

Hi, its a good idea. I always have a Linux related picture on my mobile.

Would you be so kind to upload your work in 480x640 size? It is best fit on my sharp gx17 :-)

Thanx, Zolix - Dec 17 2006